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Claim Information

  • Date captured on form submission

Claim Details

  • Shipment Loss

  • Shipment Damaged

  • Transportation Claim

  • Property Damage Claim


Claim Documentation

Claim Policy

    1. Submission:
      1. Obtain Claim forms from the CSR team.
      2. ProTrans International must acknowledge receipt of claims within 30 days.
      3. Within 120 days of receipt of claim, ProTrans International will bring resolution to the claim.
      4. Claims must be submitted to ProTrans International within 270 days of the delivery date of the shipment provided damage or shortage is noted on the delivery receipt. In the case of lost freight where there is not delivery, claims must be filed within 270 days of the date of the occurrence resulting in the claim.
      5. Claims for concealed loss or damages must be filed within 15 days of delivery date. After determination by the carrier of denial or termination, claim should be filed with the shipper for resolution.
      6. Anticipated profits unearned due to loss of sale may not be claimed. Refer to the U.S. Surface Transportation Manual for details.
      7. Submit completed Claim Form with supporting documents to the Claims Administrator. Supporting documents include a copy of the bill of lading and an invoice stating the actual cost of the product.
    2. Return Policy:
      1. ProTrans International will negotiate return and inspection liability based on the individual circumstances of each claim.
    3. Liability:
      1. Pro Trans International’s limit of liability is based on the following:
        • The release or actual value declared on the bill of lading at time of shipment, or on
        • The Customer’s actual loss as determined by the repair cost, replacement cost, manufacturing cost, or invoice value, whichever is less, and associated freight charges, resulting from loss or damage excluding any consequential or special damages other than to the goods themselves.
        • Financial limitations for claims filed against ProTrans shall be limited to $5.00 per pound or $200,000 per truckload per Customer, whichever is less. Any additional liability insurance coverage must be agreed upon between the Customer and ProTrans in writing prior to ProTrans taking possession of the cargo. Shipments that contain high valued material should be communicated to ProTrans prior to pick-up and noted on the Shippers Bill of Lading.
      2. ProTrans International shall not be held responsible for shortages in the absence of evidence of tampering, breakage or lack of due care.
      3. ProTrans International will pay claims to the payer of the freight bill (the customer). If a shipper is requesting a claim be paid to them directly, they will be required to get a written release of liability from the customer stating that the customer will not pursue the claim with ProTrans International.
      4. ProTrans International shall not be held liable for consequential damages or loss of revenue.
      5. Sorting or inspection costs will not be paid by ProTrans International unless previously authorized.
    4. Definitions:
      1. Claims are defined as loss or damage to freight or its packaging
      2. Examples of consequential Damages are:
        • Downtime
        • Expedited Diversion
      3. Incidental damages are defined as:
        • Some packaging
        • Other claims that do not result in damaged product

Claim Agreement

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